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clear path LIVE

October 4-6, 2019 Los Angeles, CA

What to Expect

Who Will Be There

This is the only online business event for the parenting niche (that we know of)! For 3-days you will be side-by-side with parenting experts from Happily Family Conferences and people in the Clear Path Forward program. This is a small, intimate event. It’s perfect for networking and meeting your next affiliate or joint venture partner.

Our Promise

You will come with an idea. You will leave with an actionable plan for how to grow your audience online and how to get paid to create your first–or next–online product. You’ll get personal coaching from Cecilia and Jason, participate in workshops, brainstorming, and small group discussions.

The Fun

There will be some shenanigans! We won’t spoil any surprises… but there may be a rainbow wig involved. It’s nearly impossible to have a successful online business sitting in front of your computer all alone. Hanging out with others, making friends, and having FUN builds your momentum (even if you’re an introvert).

The Inspiration

In life and in business, “you can’t be, what you can’t see”. You’ll likely meet someone who is just a few steps farther down the road than you, who got started just a bit before you. When you meet others and work together, it’ll give you an extra dose of inspiration for when you need it the most!

What you’ll get out of it


How to get started online, or build on your existing business


What to focus on, while also balancing work and life


How to inspire others and get paid


Personal coaching from Jason and Cecilia


How to make tech simple and low cost


How to attract the right people


Who Is This For

Therapist, Teacher, Parent Coach

You already work with kids or families in real life; you might even have a website of your own but you want to grow your online audience to reach more people, increase revenue, and maybe even leave your day job.

Experienced Parents

You have valuable life experience to share, to smooth the path for others. Your credibility comes from your life, rather than a formal degree. Maybe you, your child, or your family has overcome something.

Author, Expert, Speaker

You are already a contributor to the parenting and family niche. You want to be strategic and efficient in how you grow your audience online and develop programs. Maybe you’d like to travel less.


Creators of Happily Family and Online Business Strategists

We got started in 2011 when we taught an online parenting class to about 30 people… we were both full time classroom teachers, we had two young kids at home, and worked in a “nook” off the side of the kitchen! From the humble beginning, we are now “over the moon excited” that our work reaches tens of thousands of parents each week! Since we discovered what works online to truly serve the parenting market, we’ve had over 100,000 parents and professionals from over 200 countries participate in our online conferences and classes, and we’ve generated revenue in the multi-6 figures. Because of our fast growth in the parenting niche, we get more questions every day–from established experts and people just starting out–about how to grow an online parenting business.

What others are saying

I had a goal, but we just broke it. You guys helped me exceed my expectations. So, so grateful. I have so much hope for growing this community, serving in a way that is meaningful for me, and make a living doing it… adore you both!
Michelle Gale

Author of Mindfulness in a Messy World, MichelleGale.com

Tomorrow is the big day! I don’t know if you’ve ever been part of something going viral before, but that’s what’s happening. We have over 10,000 people signed up! It’s a lovely group of parents and educators and it feels like we’re making a positive ripple effect in the world.
Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, LMFT

Co-Chair, ParentWiser.org

Reached my launch goal!! I want to super thank YOU for the big support you offered me when I was getting started. I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel AT ALL but I super trusted you. And well… happy ending! I didn’t do it alone, had amazing support from all around.
Ada Deferrari

Entrepreneur, Style Coach

Thank you so much for guiding us through this process. You two have been a huge gift to me. This program has truly transformed my business by giving me direction and a clear path (the name is accurate!). But, even more than that, it has helped me to really dig in and define what it is that I want to offer. I have such clarity now, and that clarity is really driving me forward. So, again, thank you. 🙏
Keira Merkovsky, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker / Therapist

Magdalena creates rituals for people virtually

Kiera started an online parenting class

the belamar

Manhattan Beach, CA

October 4-6, 2019

The Belamar Hotel is a stylish boutique hotel. It’s less than 4 miles from LAX, and walking distance to the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be served fresh, delicious catered meals during the day. Enjoy the sun-drenched courtyard with inviting cabanas. Dip into the pool or spa. Bicycle along the Strand inches away from the sand. Arrive early and stay late, so you can soak up the famous southern California sun and enjoy shopping and attractions!

Clear Path Live is all the best parts of a workshop, a retreat, and a vacation all rolled into one!

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